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Who Am I? : My name is of course not just Arun. I am christined Arun Shouri who is a prominent Indian journalist, author, and politician from India. The "SHOURIE" part made me feel squirmy so i removed it and here i am now with my own identity - just "Arun". In my friends circle i am widely addressed as "dolby" as a fete to my voice. My friend's say i will never need a public addressing system and i cant deny their claim.

My Family Background : Born in Pudhukottai, a small town in southern India and brought up in Chennai the capital city of the state TamilNadu (You know IDLY and DOSA right?). My mom and dad work for state government. I have a loving and nagging younger sister, who is doing her UG in Banking Administration and an elder brot who is more of a sidekick to me, working as a BDM (Buisness Development Manager) in a polymer manufacturing firm.

My Educational Background : My Dad used to say "Son i have not made fortunes for you but had given the best of what i can to your education. So you decide your life with that". Though books, schools and college are latin & greek to me, and me being an outstanding student (I mean standing out), a last bencher, a late comer through out my academics, I somehow managed to get hold of an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Instrumention. Though not sure of future I have plan to pursue my PG in MBA.

My Work Background : I hate to work and if you've seen my Office Space, you will agree. Only I was a bit closer to putting a bullet in my head. I ain't complaining. May be this is not the right job for me and have to look soon for something challenging. So as of now a Software Consultant in the field of Telecom Networks. But best thing about the workplace i have been so far is the lightning speed internet connection. I love browsing :-)

My Turn On's : I love music - any sort. I play percussion instruments. Activties with G-Factor or adrenaline rush, you can count me in. Rather than love I would fall off a chopper to do bungee, every morning before my coffee if time and money permits. People's attitude : they turn me ON as well OFF. Nothing much. If you are expecting "A candle light dinner?" as my turn ON, am Still single. Any takers?

My Friend's : I have a whole bunch. I am lucky to have them around me;is it vice versa? I never asked them. But they are they one who actually make me to make the place lively. Wherever we go WE just wanna rock. My friend's group vary from Childhood, School, College, Office, Blog world ( saying accquitance would be an act of discrimination), etc. Each one is unique and stupid, like me. The space wouldnt sure be sufficient to pen down about all. But penned down about few of them in "My Friend's" corner.

My social views are liberal, my politics are moderate, and my approach to English spelling and grammar is very much liberal.

How I think of myself:                                        How my friends think of me:                                       How I really am:

  • Sweet                                                                    Daring                                                                   Realistic
  • Innocent                                                              Extrovert                                                                 Dedicated
  • Chatter-Box                                                      Opinionated                                                           Adventurous
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